Definitions for "industrial"
Anything having to do with the business of manufacturing products; excludes utility, transportation, and financial companies.
or business-to-business products items bought for use in a firm's operations or to make other products (242)
This utility customer class is generally defined as manufacturing, construction, mining agriculture, fishing and forestry establishments Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes 01-39. The utility may classify industrial service using the SIC codes, or based on demand or annual usage exceeding some specified limit. The limit may be set by the utility based on the rate schedule of the utility.
Two earlobe piercings joined by one piece of jewelry, usually a barbell. The most common style is two helix piercings at an angle across the top of the ear.
The use of a long barbell to connect two or more piercings. Generally a set of piercings on the ear designed to hold a single piece of jewelry.
two piercings connected with one long piece of jewelry (typically cartilage piercings)
Non-broadcast, often educational, films or tapes.
Non-broadcast film or video, usually of an educational nature.
non-broadcast production, often educational or sales films & tapes.
Industrial is the debut album by the band Pitch Shifter. It was released in 1991 on Peaceville Records.
Consisting in industry; pertaining to industry, or the arts and products of industry; concerning those employed in labor, especially in manual labor, and their wages, duties, and rights.
employed in industry; "industrial workers"; "the industrial term in use among professional thieves"
employed in industry; "the industrial classes"; "industrial work"
Electronica marked by harsh rhythms and little melody.
One of the earliest styles of dance music, most Industrial has Heavy Metal / Rock influences with a 4/4 beat. It often is dark and dehumanized, with samples from mechanical tools such as drills and saws.
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A term used to classify a broad range of hard house and alternative house music.
Stock market lingo that is a catch-all category that includes all firms that have businesses that are not classified as utility, transportation, or financial companies.
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used in or developed for use in industry Minnehaha: The Big Cover-Up
property used for industrial purposes, such as factories.
Low grade or very small diamonds which are used as abrasives or other industrial purposes.
having highly developed industries; "the industrial revolution"; "an industrial nation"
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Inflatable Boat Repair
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suitable to stand up to hard wear; "industrial carpeting"
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of or relating to or resulting from industry; "industrial output"
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Connected with or resulting from industry.