Definitions for "Inductor"
That portion of an electrical apparatus, in which is the inducing charge or current.
An electrical component for creating a magnetic field. This is usually a coil of wire. The magnitude of the magnetic field is called Inductance and is measured in Henries. Magnetic fields are integral to alternating current circuits.
A current passing through a wire will produce a magnetic field around the wire. Winding the conductor into a coil strengthens the magnetic field. The resulting element is called an inductor, whose inductance (L) is measured in the unit henry (H). The voltage across an inductor is directly proportional to the time rate of change of the current through it. An inductor therefore acts as a short circuit to DC.
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The person who inducts another into an office or benefice.
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a device designed to have a certain amount of inductance
a device which resists change in current flow