Definitions for "Indigo"
A kind of deep blue, one of the seven prismatic colors.
A blue dyestuff obtained from several plants belonging to very different genera and orders, such as, the woad, Isatis tinctoria (family Cruciferae), Indigofera suffroticosa, Indigofera tinctoria (family Leguminosae), Indigofera Anil, Nereum tinctorium, Polygonum tinctorium Ait. (family Polygonaceae), etc.; called also natural indigo. It is a dark blue earthy substance, tasteless and odorless, with a copper-violet luster when rubbed. Indigo does not exist in the plants as such, but is obtained by decomposition of the glycoside indican.
( genus: Indigofera) A plant from which comes indigo blue dye. Also the colour indigo, a dark purplish tint.
Color of intuition, dignity and spiritual aspirations. Borderland where wisdom and saintliness are attained through meditation; a meeting ground for all colors. The color for the brow or 6th chakra.
indigo: the spiritual meaning of the color indigo is "intuition." Indigo identifies a deep Source-level connection and holds a focus on it.
Indigo is a film released in 2003, directed and produced by Stephen Simon. The film deals with the supposed phenomenon of "indigo children" -- a set of children alleged to have certain "special psychological and spiritual attributes". Its release was sponsored by the Spiritual Cinema Circle, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing spirituality to cinema.
Indigo, b. Alyssa Ashley Nichols, 1984 in Los Angeles, California is an African-American television actress. She has been billed by her birth name as well as the name "Indigo Nichols", but for the majority of her career has only used the stage name Indigo.
Indigo was a superhero in DC Comics, who would later transform into a supervillain. The character's first appearance was in Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day #1.
To see indigo in a dream, denotes you will deceive friendly persons in order to cheat them out of their be longings. To see indigo water, foretells you will be involved in an ugly love affair.
nbspRefers to a digital offset colour printing system using a digitised image which is transferred electrostatically by laser to a cylinder.
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Plan for movement of troops to Iceland.
Indigo Indigo Press manufacturer of electrophotographic printer with liquid toners.
" (code name): .NET communications technologies in Windows "Longhorn" designed to build and run connected systems.
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Having the color of, pertaining to, or derived from, indigo.
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The next generation web services platform based on .Net.
Indigo is a Site Management System that provides commonly used components to various Indigo based modules.