Definitions for "Indicia"
Discriminating marks; signs; tokens; indications; appearances.
Imprint in the upper right corner of the mail indicating postage information or payment
An indicia is a permit printed on a mail piece that denotes the class of mail and the means of postage payment. It is synonymous with permit imprint or postal permit. Back
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plural of indicium.
This is the Latin word for "signs." Legally it means circumstances which tend to show or indicate that something is probable.
Signs or circumstances that tend to support a belief in a proposition.
signs; indications. circumstances which point to the existence of a given fact as probable, but not certain
Text, showing who, when and where is publishing the magazine, usuallyfound on the bottom of the first page.
Publishing and title information usually located at the bottom of the first page or the bottom of the inside front cover. In rare cases and some pre-1938 comics, it was sometimes located on internal pages.
The general information about the comic book, such as publisher, title, issue number, date, and copyright printed on the inside front page or on the inside back cover.
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Facts which give rise to inferences.