Definitions for "Increment"
The act or process of increasing; growth in bulk, guantity, number, value, or amount; augmentation; enlargement.
Matter added; increase; produce; production; -- opposed to decrement.
The increase of a variable quantity or fraction from its present value to its next ascending value; the finite quantity, generally variable, by which a variable quantity is increased.
a small and manageable part of the system being built, such as the delta between two successive build s
The difference ( delta) between two releases at the end of subsequent iterations.
operation=moving an iterator/pointer/index on to the next iterator/pointer/index value commonly symbolized by ++ in C-like languages.
a defined data warehouse implementation project that has a specified beginning and end
The defined scope of the portion of the data warehouse selected for implementation. Each increment satisfies elements of the total data warehouse solution.
a militarily useful and supportable operational capability that can be effectively developed, produced or acquired, deployed, and sustained
An amplification without strict climax, as in the following passage:
A required division of a school's satisfactory progress maximum time frame. The length of any increment cannot exceed the lesser of one academic year or one-half of the published length of the program. The school must assess each student's progress at the end of each increment as defined by the satisfactory progress policy.
These terms are often used interchangeably to indicate how well a scale displays the correct results. Increment is the value of the finest division of the scale.
The growth in property tax revenue that has occurred since the TIF was put in place. The increment is the amount of money available for investment in the TIF district. (See "How Does the Property Tax System Work?" p. 13.)
The change in longitude of the ascending node between two successive passes of a specified satellite, measured in degrees West per orbit.
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Bar code or text fields the printer automatically changes from one label to the next. For example, a batch of labels with serial number text or bar code fields that change from 001, to 002, to 003, and so on.
decimal Price The value at which a number (e.g. denomination) is incremented.
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An increment is one distinct piece of funding (from a grant or contract). For example, a three-year grant is commonly divided into three separate pieces of funding, one per year for three years. Each of the three separate pieces of funding is separate increment and has its own sequence number. An increment can span several years, or just a part of a year, depending on how the funding is distributed by the sponsor. Increments can be further divided into sub-increments.
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See fraction.
An increment is the level of small improvement or "continuous improvement" by which a machine or piece of equipment can be improved (as opposed to radical improvement).
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To add one to something.
Any resource or grouping of resources on which individual status is maintained.