Definitions for "Include"
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an instruction to insert the text of another file in the current macro
a way of embedding information from a single file into another file
a way of embedding information from a single file into single or multiple web pages
A includes B if everything in B is also in A inclusion polymorphism a kind of polymorphism found in the type system s of object oriented programming languages in which some type s are included in others. A type of object consisting of multiple named components would typically include the types whose objects have the same set of named components together with some additional components.
An include relationship defines a dependency relationship between a source use case and a target use case in which the source use case explicitly incorporates the target use case. The source use case can see and use the target, but neither the source nor the target may access each other's attributes. Multiple include relationships may be applied to the same base use case. The same target use case may be included in multiple source use cases.
Inclusion of Disabled and Elderly in Telematics
To comprehend or comprise, as a genus the species, the whole a part, an argument or reason the inference; to contain; to embrace; as, this volume of Shakespeare includes his sonnets; he was included in the invitation to the family; to and including page twenty-five.
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To confine within; to hold; to contain; to shut up; to inclose; as, the shell of a nut includes the kernel; a pearl is included in a shell.
have as a part, be made up out of; "The list includes the names of many famous writers"
consider as part of something; "I include you in the list of culprits"
add as part of something else; put in as part of a set, group, or category; "We must include this chemical element in the group"
allow participation in or the right to be part of; permit to exercise the rights, functions, and responsibilities of; "admit someone to the profession"; "She was admitted to the New Jersey Bar"
Include designates whether or not a particular field will be included in your table. When an Include checkbox is checked, the associated field will be present in your table.
see #include statement. To increment variable means to add 1 to its value. This can be done in C++ by using the increment operator, ++. An is an expression used to select one of a number of element s of a vector or an array. It is enclosed in square bracket s ([ ]). For example, in the expression a[i+1], the index is the expression i+1. An index variable is a variable used to hold an .
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To conclude; to end; to terminate.
a bit of code or text inserted in the body of a document as it is being processed
a self-contained piece of code that can be created and stored independently from the documents it appears in
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a directive, where a control is an object
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See server-side include.