Definitions for "Incidents"
Categories of accidents/incidents that must be reported to statutory authorities.
Events which result in death, injury, illness or property damage or which could have resulted in death, injury, illness or property damage. Incidents can be both accidents and near misses or more aptly `near hits'.
the payments and services to be rendered by a VASSAL to his LORD in addition to regular rent and FEUDAL SERVICE: these usually included an inheritance tax (relief) and a death duty (heriot).
An event or set of circumstances which could lead to an outbreak or have potentially serious implications for an individual’s health – for example, a high risk situation (e.g. residents served with unsafe food) or a single case of dangerous infection (e.g. E.coli O157 or tuberculosis).
Events; stories; situations
Incidents was the name of a magazine that was closed by the Islamic Republic of Iran for being "obscene and empty" in 1995. It reported homicides, pre-marital and extra-marital affairs, and other sex related matters that can be punished by religious law.
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Occurring or likely to occur