Definitions for "Inbox"
The name reserved for a user's default mailbox for mail delivery. INBOX is the only folder name that is case-insensitive. For example: INBOX, Inbox, and inbox are all valid names for a users default mailbox.
A folder where you receive incoming mail.
place to find all your to do emails and client corresspondence amongst the spam.
part of your explorer and comprising a list of items awaiting action and a summary of recent updates to topics that he or she edits or to which he or she subscribes.
the part of your Explorer which contains items submitted to any topics that you edit.
found by clicking on My oneFish - your personal space in oneFish - and comprising a list of postings awaiting action.
a place for capturing the chaos that comes across the transom
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a lifeline to the world -- full of news, jokes, and even pictures
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a big file where the messages are arranged on to another
Where new messages are placed upon receipt.