Definitions for "Inboard"
Inside the line of a vessel's bulwarks or hull; the opposite of outboard; as, an inboard engine; an inboard cargo; haul the boom inboard.
From without inward; toward the inside; as, the inboard stroke of a steam engine piston, the inward or return stroke.
1. Inside a hull; 2. Toward the center of the boat; 3. An engine that is mounted within the hull
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This is primarily used to refer both to the length of the oar from the button to the end of the handle. More inboard will make the oar feel lighter on the drive. For 160 cm spread, oars are typically used with around 88 cm of inboard.
the distance between the far end of the handle of an oar or scull and the face of the button. The remainder is called the outboard
The part of the blade that goes from the button to the handle. The inboard distance on the oar goes from the oarlock to the end of the oar that the rower hangs onto.
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