Definitions for "In Process"
Keywords:  catalog, library, staff, shortly, newly
When a book is listed as in process in the catalog, it is a new book either on order or being processed by the library staff. You can request an in process book using the online form.
newly acquired items in a library that are undergoing technical processing such as cataloging, marking, etc.
The status of a book that has been cataloged but has not been received by the holding library location (appears as "p" in the status field of the item record) in staff mode
Indicates NCQA has reviewed the health plan for the first time and is in the process of making a decision on the accreditation outcome.
This is the broad category of making a property ready for sale to the general public. Once a property has been declared as extra property to the transportation needs of the Department, the parcel must be "cleared" through other governmental agencies to determine if they may require it for a general public purpose or an economic development purpose. The property is also offered for consideration to Counties and Municipalities (see State Clearinghouse Process below). In addition to all other requirements, often a property must also be offered back to the Prior Owner.
Except for peak submission periods, file results will usually be available the next government business day.