Definitions for "In play"
Often used in risk arbitrage. Company that has become the target of a takeover, and whose stock has now become a speculative issue.
Rumored to be vulnerable to a takeover attempt. see also play, deal stock.
Refers to a stock affected by takeover activities or rumors. A stock that is the focus of a public bidding contest, as in a takeover or bear raid.
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Withing the boundaries of the course.
officially, the ball is in play once the tee shot comes to rest anywhere on the course. The opposite of 'in play' is 'out of play or out of bounds. 2. an informal expression used to indicate that the ball is "playable" as it lies. Example: Her tee shot wasn't pretty, but it was in play.
When the ball is within the playing area of the course
A situation where one or more bidders are actively pursuing the acquisition of another company.
A situation where the acquisition of a company is being actively pursued by one or more entities.