Definitions for "Impressionism"
Keywords:  monet, claude, renoir, pissarro, degas
The theory or method of suggesting an effect or impression without elaboration of the details; -- a disignation of a recent fashion in painting and etching.
An art style developed in the 19th century, characterized by representing subject matter with broken colour and soft edges.
A late 19th-century French school dedicated to defining transitory visual impressions painted directly from nature, with light and colour of primary importance. If the atmosphere changed, a totally different picture emerged. Often, causal subjects in outdoor settings were painted employing divided brush strokes to capture the mood of a particular moment.
an indeterminate style of music in which all the performers appear to be waiting for someone to give them a lead
A form of jazz involving collective improvisation in which the musicians often forego their standard ensemble roles and instead contribute whatever the music seems to need in the moment
sensuously textured music
A type of play, which seeks to make the audience react and see as a character does when, stirred by intense emotion.
style stressing personal response to an event or object.