Definitions for "Implements"
Keyword indicating that a class implements the methods of a particular Java interface. A class can implement zero or more interfaces.
is a keyword that tells the Java compiler that you are implementing a defined interface in the present class. interface class Instrument { void play( Note n ); String what(); } class Percussion implements Instrument { public void play( Note n ) { System.out.println(" " + n); } public String what() { return "Percussion";
A Java keyword included in the class declaration to specify any interfaces that are implemented by the current class.
To dream of implements, denotes unsatisfactory means of accomplishing some work. If the implements are broken, you will be threatened with death or serious illness of relatives or friends, or failure n business.
Keywords:  tool, instrument, serves, one
one that serves as an instrument or tool
Keywords:  carry, plan, effect, operation, program
To carry out or into effect a plan, program, or operation.