Definitions for "Implementation Team"
Internal or external personnel who are responsible for the installation of a project or system. Team members include the project leader, functional team leaders, functional team members, and technical support and consultants as required. Team members may be assigned on a full-time basis, on a part-time basis as required for their area of responsibility, or on an ad-hoc basis to solve a specific issue.
A policy-level working group established by the National Marine Fisheries Service to provide advice on the implementation of the biological opinion on the effects of the federal dams in the Columbia River basin. The IT oversees the Technical Management Team, which deals with hydrosystem operations, and the System Configuration Team, which deals with structural changes at the dams to improve fish passage.
A group of people who represent both functional and technical expertise and who work together to release a PeopleSoft module(s). The composition of the team may change over the release life cycle. See Project Team, Release Life Cycle.