Definitions for "Implementation Plan"
a document, guided by an approved TMDL, that provides details of the actions needed to achieve load reductions, outlines a schedule of those actions, and specifies monitoring needed to document action and progress toward meeting water quality standards
a State document that outlines the actionable items with responsible parties to accomplish the water pollution budget established in the TMDL
Comprehensive outline of the most appropriate options for implementing initiatives identified and ranked during the Gap Analysis and Prioritization steps.
See Project Implementation Plan. [D04110
The design and definition of all the activities, resources, limitations, and contingencies required for successful wildland fire management.
A system installation or conversion plan that defines scope and goals, resources required, scheduled activities, scheduled activity durations, and actual project status. A high-level plan may communicate only major phases and milestones, while detail plans include specific descriptions of the individual tasks involved and the critical path.
a roadmap with specific objectives, tasks, principles, and milestones for putting MOSA into practice
a useful start, but as I am sure Administrator O'Keefe will be the first to acknowledge, it is only a start
a regional affiliate of the Strategic National Implementation Program (SNIP)
A deliverable in the beta testing stage which describes the procedures to move an application into production.
Describes how the outputs will be delivered to the Business Owner(s), including any special requirements such as stage implementation or 'roll out', training and delivery requirements.
A formal document that describes how the system will be installed and made operational.