Definitions for "Implants"
Materials (e.g. plastic, collagen, metal) inserted into the body to replace missing tissue or organ parts or to deliver drugs to the body. In the context of hormonal contraception or hormone replacement therapy: small hormone-containing plastic rods that are inserted under the skin. Small amounts of hormone are released into the bloodstream continuously from the depot.
Implants are items placed under the skin by a piercing procedure. The skin over an implant heals relatively quickly, within two weeks, so that there is no break in the skin. The implanted material must be inert. Materials used include man-made materials such as implant grade titanium and stainless steel, and natural materials such as bone and pearl.
Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth. A dental implant is a false tooth that is permanently secured to the jaw. A small titanium rod will be fixed into the jawbone, and once the jawbone has adhered to the structure, a false tooth will be attached to it.
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Term used for any device place upon or inside the body of a human being by alleged alien beings for purposes of tracking or controlling the person.
Small devises that appear to have been inserted into the nasal cavities, feet and hands of abductees so they could be identified or tracked. Derrel Sims and Dr Roger Leir claim to have surgically removed alien implants.
implants: these are usually Negative Extraterrestrial devices of a physical (very rare) or metaphysical nature that are placed within a person's physical, astral, mental and etheric bodies to usurp energy, block, control and track people. It is important to get them removed. Please contact the I AM University to have them removed in a channeled session with the Ascended Masters! Almost everyone on the planet has implants. People can still function with them and it is nothing to be fearful about, however, in the process of Self-Realization it is a good idea to have them removed
A (hormonal) contraceptive method in which six small tubes containing hormones are put under the skin in a women's upper arm by a specially trained health worker (for example, Norplant). Implants prevent pregnancy for about five years, but can be removed sooner if the woman wants to become pregnant. They do not prevent STIs, including HIV.
small, flat patches of endometrial-like cells growing outside the uterus. The main evidence of Endometriosis
Another term for brachytherapy, internal radiation therapy involves placing radioactive sources inside the patient close to or in the tumor.
a small container of radioactive material placed near cancer cells
The inserting of objects partially of fully under the skin for a more 3d effect.
organic or inorganic material inserted or grafted into a predetermined part of the body.
Organic implants are created in our field and manifest as an energy pattern in our bodies, drawing the raw materials from our blood to appear as bumps and lumps as long as they are close to our skin. They are used to block us or enhance foreign programs in our system.