Definitions for "impairment"
The state, act, or process of being impaired; injury.
Any loss or abnormality of any of a personâ€(tm)s physical or psychological powers.
Good term to imply diminishment of an ability.
For insurance underwriting purposes, any aspect of a proposed insured's present health, medical history, health habits, family history, occupation, or other activities that could increase that person's expected mortality risk. TO TOP
a disability under the ADA only if it substantially limits one or more major life activities
An alteration of health status, assessed by objective medical criteria. This is a medical finding.
Amount by which the carrying amount exceeds its estimated recoverable amount.
Impairment or asset impairment occurs when, due to changed circumstances, the previously allowed recovery of costs of a regulatory asset through rates is eliminated or removed by action of a regulatory body.
If the usefulness of an asset or a group of identical assets is impaired, for example by damage or technical obsolescence or other economic factors, the recoverable amount may be less than the carrying amount of the asset. In such circumstances a write-down of the asset is necessary.
dysfunction, damage or deterioration.
A dysfunctional state resulting from the use of psychoactive substances.
This is when the `trading opportunites' of a nation are impaired by something that another nation or set of nations does, particularly when it doesn't violate any GATT article. A common example is when trade diversion resulting from a new RTA causes a country's exports to be displaced from the market of an RTA member by exports from another RTA member.
The amount by which stated capital is reduced by distributions and losses.
The cost shown in the profit and loss account as the result of a fall in the value of an asset.... more on: Impairment
The partial or total loss of a benefit that was negotiated between WTO contracting parties, due to an action, policy, or lack of action by one of the parties. Impairment of WTO rights and obligations is subject to formal action under WTO dispute settlement procedures. Also called nullification.
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See nonviolation
when a plan of reorganization alters the contractual rights of a class of holders of claims, that class is deemed to be impaired. A class that is unimpaired is deemed to automatically accept a plan of reorganization.
A detrimental effect on the biological integrity of a water body caused by impact that prevents attainment of the designated use (USEPA Region 5).
the act of making something futile and useless (as by routine)
a symptom of reduced quality or strength
damage that results in a reduction of strength or quality
1. A reduction in a company's stated capital. 2. The total capital that is less than the par value of the company's capital stock.
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the occurrence of a change for the worse
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A shutdown of a system or portion of a system.
Context is: trade term. See Consultations; Dispute Settlement.
A deficiency that interferes with normal activity.
A problem or condition which makes it hard for a student to learn or do things in the same ways as most other students. An impairment may be short-term or permanent.