Definitions for "imc "
IMC is a Java software framework for building infrastructures and applications for systems where code mobility and/or network communication are key issues.
Intermodal Marketing Company. An intermediary that sells intermodal services to shippers.
Stands for "integrated marketing communications," a strategy that combines communications tactics from numerious disciplines including, but not limited to, direct response, advertising, public relations, events planning, website development and more.
Iscar Metalworking Companies
Iscar Metalworking Cos
Located in Johnston Hall and the Raynor Library, the IMC provides a broad range of media support, including television, multimedia and still photography services. Audiovisual equipment is available for instructional use on campus.
Infomercial Monitoring Service, Inc. A media service that reports the number and volume of direct response programs aired on networks monitored and issues weekly reports ranking the leaders.
Interactive Media Center. Located in the basement, the IMC has computers with scanners, CD-ROM units, videodisk players, VCRs, and Internet access.
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ntermetallic ompound
See Internet Mail Connector.
Internet Mail Connector. The Internet Mail Connector is a component of Microsoft Exchange Server that runs as a Windows NT Server service. You can use the Internet Mail Connector to exchange information with other systems that use the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).
Internet Mail Consortium. The trade group for the Internet mail industry.
Intermetallic Compound. Metallic compounds that form at the interfaces between different metals, such as copper-tin compounds that form at the interface of a solder joint and a copper lead. IMCs typically have significantly different properties, such as tensile strength.
Indice de Masa Corporal
Indice de Masse Corporelle
See Instructional Materials Collection
Instructional Materials Collection. Located on the main floor of the Library, this area houses our collections of audio-visual materials (video tapes, DVDs, CDs, cassettes) and sample textbooks for student teachers.
Institute of Measurement and Control. InstMC.
Intermediate Care Unit. The next level down from the ICU, for patients who require a great deal of care, but not so much as in the ICU.
Item Management Coding
IDEALX Management Console
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imc is a Perl script that accepts a file with graphical commands and outputs a PNG, GIF, or JPEG file.
Blessed Information-Memory-Concentration Test to detect and follow cognitive decline
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Interstate motor carrier.
Independent Monitoring Commission
Commission on Information Management
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In My Campaign - This is the way it is done in my campaign - you might do this differently.