Definitions for "IMBOLC"
A Gaelic word, pronounced "immOL'g" which, when literally translated, means in the belly [of the mother]. This is one of the eight Sabbats which celebrates the transition of the Goddess from Crone to Maiden. It also signifies the recovery of the Goddess after giving birth to the God at Yule. Usually celebrated on or around 2nd February with the first signs of Spring. Also known as Oimelc (milk of the ewe), Candlemas (Christian equivalent), Lupercus and Disting.
The Sabat marking The Festival of Lights celebrated Feb. 1. It celebrates the first stirrings of spring and the recovery of the Goddess from giving birth.
A Wiccan festival celebrated on February 2nd. Imbolc marks the first stirrings of spring and is a traditional time to practice magic.
Reflection on the power of the gods, from which physical and spiritual harvest will come.