Definitions for "Imbecile"
Keywords:  feeble, destitute, esp, eith, wea
Destitute of strength, whether of body or mind; feeble; impotent; esp., mentally wea; feeble-minded; as, hospitals for the imbecile and insane.
One destitute of strength; esp., one of feeble mind; -- sometimes used as a pejorative term.
A person with a degree of mental retardation between that of an idiot and a moron; in a former classification of mentally retarded person, it applied to a person with an adult mental age of from four to eith years, and an I.Q. of from 26 to 50.
Keywords:  courage, weaken, men
To weaken; to make imbecile; as, to imbecile men's courage.
A person with learning disabilities. The term was part of a standard classification of people with learning disabilities in the nineteenth century which implied that a person had a severe learning difficulty.
a person of subnormal intelligence