Definitions for "Imaging"
The ability of a component to recreate a three-dimensional sound stage from a recording.
Imaging describes the extent to which a stereo system reproduces the location of instruments and vocalists as they were positioned during recording and mixing. (See also soundstage below). Optimum imaging creates a listening experience that seems natural and lifelike. The key to attaining the best possible imaging is to have equal (or as close to equal as possible), unobstructed path lengths between your tweeters and your ears. The ability to mount your tweeter separately, as with components, or in an angled mount, as with some full-range speakers, can improve imaging.
The effect of reproducing a sound stage faithful to that of an original recording. Represented, for instance, in the listener's ability to place a particular instrument at a single point, rather than to hear it as if spread throughout the sound field. Good imaging is often described in terms of channel separation of openness.
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Imaging techniques produce pictures of structures within the body that cannot otherwise be seen. Imaging techniques are very useful for diagnosing abnormalities and certain diseases.
The process of generating a picture of the label in printer memory. imaging processor Part of the 7350 Wide Area Bar Code Scanner. The imaging processor decodes all the scanned information and provides an image of each scanned bar code.
the technique of creating pictures of structures inside of the body using X-rays, ultrasound waves, or magnetic fields
a technique or method allowing a physician to see something which would not normally be visible.
a mature experimental technique and ready for implementation
a powerful technique to remotely probe properties of distant hot plasmas
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Intermodulation Distortion (IMD) iMIDI
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term for using audio effects, spoken phrases or music to create an "image" or brand for a radio station or show.
In bank item processing refers to the process of capturing a digital image of checks.
Recording of graphic images, either digitally or on film.
The process of producing a film or paper copy of a digital file from an output device.
Transferring information in graphic form into electronic format for storage and later retrieval.
Conversion of a paper document such as a mortgage application into an electronic duplicate that can be stored electronically and viewed on a com-puter terminal.
A system that allows documents such as new account agreements, to be stored as electronic images. The image can then be viewed and printed from a special computer terminal. Mutual fund companies also use imaging technology to store applications and letters related to a client's account.
A photograph of teeth stored in a computer and then displayed on a television monitor. The dentist is able to show you an image of your smile with new, repaired or whitened teeth
The processes and technologies associated with incorporating photographic renderings into systems.
Three dimensional images of the brain attained by a powerful magnetic scanner
To acquire an image or an image series of a patient's anatomy (e.g., with a CT scanner or an MRI scanner).
The process of acquiring representations of structures in either two or three dimensions.
To make a representation or imitation of the original sonic event.
The process by which panelization data are transferred to the photoplotter, which in turn uses light to transfer a negative image circuitry pattern onto the panel.
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a true innovation
an international leader in image management software systems for both the commercial and consumer markets
Term commonly used to describe both the products and industry dealing with images.
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Making an image.
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form of imaging
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see Image processing