Definitions for "Image Processing"
Techniques which manipulate the pixel values of an image for some particular purpose. Examples are: brightness or contract correction, color correction, changing size (scaling), or changing shape of the image (warping).
Encompasses all the various operations that can be applied to photographic or image data, such as image compression, image restoration, image enhancement, preprocessing quantisation, spatial filtering and other image pattern recognition techniques.
Computerized routines for information extraction (e.g., pattern recognition, classification) from remotely sensed images to obtain categories of information about specific features.
Applying a computer algorithm to change the appearance of an image. Simple image processing might include window / level, magnification, flip, or rotation. More elaborate image processing includes generating 3D images, multi-planar reformatting (MPR), maximum intensity projection (MPR), measurements and many more functions that are constantly being developed.
Changing the properties of an image, such as through scaling, rotation, or compression.
The process of converting 'raw' remotely sensed data into a usable form through the application of various transformations such as supervised and unsupervised classification schemes.
Transformation of an input image into an output image with desired properties.
A reference to computer applications in which digitized images are retrieved, displayed, altered, merged with text, stored, and sent via data communications to one or several remote locations.
Adjustment, alteration and evaluation of the information in a scanned document.
The process by which a printed document is scanned and its contents are kept on disk and are easily retrievable for future access.
Use of algorithms to modify data representing an image, usually to improve diagnostic interpretation.
Performing computations on sets of visual signals to recognize and interpret high-level patterns and to resolve the image into meaningful components.
conversion of an image into another image in order to highlight or identify certain properties of the image.