Definitions for "Illegal"
Not according to, or authorized by, law; specif., contrary to, or in violation of, human law; unlawful; illicit; hence, immoral; as, an illegal act; illegal trade; illegal love.
Doing something against the rules that is cause for disqualification.
Something is illegal when it violates a statute, regulation or other law.
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Illegal was a short-lived teenage rap duo formed by Dallas Austin, which featured Mally G and Lil' Malik.
"Illegal" is the third single released from Shakira's second English language studio album, Oral Fixation Vol. 2 (2005). It features the celebrated Mexican guitarist Carlos Santana. The song was released right after the massive worldwide success of "Hips Don't Lie".
an intelligence officer or a recruited agent who operates in a foreign country in the guise of a private person, and is often present under false identity
A KGB operative infiltrated into a target country and operating without the protection of diplomatic immunity.
Within the context of a computer program, this refers to any operation that attempts to access an area of memory or perform an instruction that is not...
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a thief, plain and simple
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A code construct is illegal if it does not conform to the D language specification. This may be true even if the compiler or runtime fails to detect the error.