Definitions for "IiP"
Initial Information Package. A document containing detailed information on a hydroelectric project; the document is used to describe the project and its resources and to start the applicant's consultation process with resource agencies and the public.
Initial Information Packet. data specified in the network definition, usually used as a parameter for a reusable component; it is converted into a "real" IP by means of a "receive" service call; it is only supported by THREADS & JFBP
Investment In People
Investors in People - a national accreditation that recognises effective systems, staff support and development structures in a business or organisation (such as a school).
Investors in People. A national, externally assessed quality standard which sets out a level of good practice for training and development of people to achieve business goals.
Instrument Incubator Program
Individualized Intervention Plan®
International Ice Patrol
International Investment Position
Inter-regional Improvement Program