Definitions for "Ignore"
Hence: To refuse to take notice of; to shut the eyes to; not to recognize; to disregard willfully and causelessly; as, to ignore certain facts; to ignore the presence of an objectionable person.
refuse to acknowledge; "She cut him dead at the meeting"
bar from attention or consideration; "She dismissed his advances"
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To be ignorant of or not acquainted with.
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Use this command with a nick (i.e., "/ignore joeblow") and any messages from this user will not appear on your screen. Useful for blocking a pest or harasser.
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To throw out or reject as false or ungrounded; -- said of a bill rejected by a grand jury for lack of evidence. See Ignoramus.
An action set for a rule so PacketHound ignores the application associated with the rule.
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option in the chat system that allow you to completely ignore another player, only his words are filtered, you can still see the avatar of the ignored person in game
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outcomes you consider evil, which is ignorance, not always bad
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be ignorant of or in the dark about