Definitions for "ifs"
An iterated functional system; it constructs a fractal by iterating vector quantity through an affine equation that is randomly selected on each iteration.
Iterated Function System. A mathematical method of applying affine transformations to a seed to obtain a fractal image. Fractal compression works in reverse to derive an appropriate seed and transformation from the original image.
Indpendent Front Suspension
Independent Front Suspension. This refers to suspension where the driver and passenger side move independently, and are not hindered by the opposite side like a straight axle would be. Both a-arms and beam suspension can be classified as IFS.
Independent Front Suspension. Suspension using two frame mounted control arms at each of the front wheels. Lets each wheel respond individually to bumps and dips in the road.
Installable File System.
See Institutional File System (IFS).
Institutional File System. A specific instance of a distributed file system (DFS), based on the Andrew File System (AFS) developed at CMU, allowing multiple file systems to be shared between organizations and treated, at the user interface level, as one giant file system. Modified by IBM and in use at The University of Michigan.
IFS is a full Fleet Management System for Star Trek play-by-email RPG's. It includes a website CMS , as well as a powerful backend to keep track of the ships, COs, and players in the RPG.
International Fleet Sales
International Food Standard
Indicative Forestry Strategy. The IFS interprets the guidance contained in Scottish Executive Circular 9/1999 for Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City and develops a strategic framework for forestry.
IFS could stand for
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Inertia Fuel Switch
Intensive Fixed Sites. Basic Fixed Sites with increased sampling frequency during selected seasonal periods and analysis of dissolved pesticides for 1 year.
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Improvement for Sale. The improvement of sub standard housing to encourage and assist low cost owner occupation particularly in areas where there are few owner occupiers.
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Institute for Fiscal Studies
Insurance and Financial Services