Definitions for "IFB"
(interruptible feedback) on-camera talent are sometimes observed wearing a small IFB earpiece while doing a live remote broadcast. The IFB is a small earphone used by talent which plays back program audio. It also allows the producer in a control room to talk directly to the talent, either in the studio or on location during the transmission.
Interruptible Feedback Line allows producer, director, talent, etc. communicate with each other during a program.
A small earpiece worn by talent that carries program sound or (when interrupted) instructions from a director.
written or published solicitation issued by an authorized Procurement Officer for bids to contract for procurement or disposal of supplies, services or construction that will normally result in award of a contract to the responsible bidder making the lowest responsive bid.
Information for Bid. Generally used when the government is soliciting bids for goods or services that are simple to describe and quantify. Bids are opened publicly and low bid wins. Back to List of Acronyms
Invitation for Bidding.
nterruptible eed ack. An IFB frequency is used for cuing a reporter in the field or asking questions from the newsdesk during a live broadcast. Known among some professionals as nterruptible old ack.
Inter Frequency Bias Žü”g”ŠÔƒoƒCƒAƒX
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Irish Film Board
Independent Financial Brokers. IFB is a voluntary, not-for-profit association representing independent insurance, mutual fund and other financial service brokers and other professionals.