Definitions for "IDL"
A proprietary programming environment with strong numerical and graphing features. The down sides are that you need a licence to run this on all machines, and the syntax is particularly poor. It is also quite slow for some programming cases.
Information Description Language
nterface efinition anguage - A specification for creating objects used in a distributed applications environment. Developers can model a legacy component using the same IDL used for creating new objects then write a code (known as a ‘wrapper') to translate between a standard bus and legacy interfaces.
Intermediate density lipoproteins
Intermediate density lipoprotein
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A translation booklet that is carried with your government issued drivers license when driving outside of the US. It is intended for the foreign officials to be able to read your actual state issued drivers license. IDL's are typically translated into French, Spanish, English, Italian, Russian, Arabic, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese. Some countries do require that you present an IDL at time of pick up, in order to check out the rental vehicle. The cost of an IDL is usually around $20 USD and can be purchased at your local AAA office.
InstIrument Detection Limit. The concentration equivalent of an analyte signal equal to three times the standard deviation of the calibration blank signal at the selected absorbance line.
Instrument Detection Limit
In Design instance introduction Iterator
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See Inter-Dam Loss rate.
Set of infra tables specified in GA containing data and business procedures, for both shared and private use.
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Idle Position Switch
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International Date Line