Definitions for "idiot"
A man in private station, as distinguished from one holding a public office.
An unlearned, ignorant, or simple person, as distinguished from the educated; an ignoramus.
"Stupid Person." From the Old French "idiot" of the same meaning, which in turn came from the Latin "idiota" = "an uneducated and inexperienced common man." The Latin, in turn, derived from the Greek "idioteia" meaning "uncouthness, want of education" or "to be unpracticed, unskilled in something." This in turn derives from "idiotes" = "a private person, plebian, layman, one with no specialised skills or knowledge."
A human being destitute of the ordinary intellectual powers, whether congenital, developmental, or accidental; commonly, a person without understanding from birth; a natural fool. In a former classification of mentally retarded people, idiot designated a person whose adult level of intelligence was equivalent to that of a three-year old or younger; this corresponded with an I.Q. level of approximately 25 or less.
A fool; a simpleton; -- a term of reproach.
a fool who cannot be cured
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Idiot (Telugu: ఇడియెట్) is a Telugu film which released on August 22, 2002 and was directed by Puri Jagannadh. This film stars Ravi Teja and Rakshita. This film was a big hit in 2002.
A member of a large and powerful tribe whose influence in human affairs has always been dominant and controlling. The Idiot's activity is not confined to any special field of thought or action, but "pervades and regulates the whole." He has the last word in everything; his decision is unappealable. He sets the fashions and opinion of taste, dictates the limitations of speech and circumscribes conduct with a dead-line.
One who has the most profound degree of mental retardation. Russian medical references describe idioty as "helpless and requir[ing] care and supervision. Speech is absent." They are considered "ineducable." Diagnosis is " idiotia."
a supposed adult like yourself who persists in infantile net abuse and pedo porn-then aapes other posters to try to sound imtelligent
Idiots in a dream, foretells disagreements and losses. To dream that you are an idiot, you will feel humiliated and downcast over the miscarriage of plans. To see idiotic children, denotes affliction and unhappy changes in life.
A person with learning disabilities. The term was part of a standard classification of people with learning disabilities in the nineteenth century which implied that a person had a severe learning difficulty.
a person of subnormal intelligence
a person who has an idea
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a step up from a weenie
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A name frequently given to operators of jet skis by angry anglers.
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a light trivia and bluffing game
Idiot is a superset of different projects. Most of them deal with IRC.
Whether you were the idiot or someone else, it signifies success in all of your undertakings, due to your own competence.
Intrusion Detection In Our Time. A system that detects intrusions using pattern-matching.
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a rare thing