Definitions for "Ideal solution"
Keywords:  raoult, solute, obey, enthalpy, solvent
All molecules in an "ideal solution" interact in exactly the same way; the solvent-solvent, solvent-solute, and solute-solute intermolecular forces are all equivalent. Ideal solutions obey Raoult's law exactly. Real solutions behave ideally only when they are very dilute.
Ideal solution is a solution in which solvent-solvent and solvent-solute interactions are identical, so that properties such as volume and enthalpy are exactly additive. Ideal solutions follow Raoult's law, which states that the vapor pressure i of component i is i*, where i is the mole fraction of component and i* the vapor pressure of the pure substance i.
a solution where there is a complete absence of attractive or repulsive
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