Definitions for "Idas"
In Greek mythology, Idas (Greek: Ίδας) was a son of Aphareus and Arene and brother of Lynceus. He and Lynceus loved Hilaeira and Phoebe and killed their rival suitors, Castor and Polydeuces.
Group of local Motorcyclists against nuclear power: They provide important communications support for the protestors because they are able to travel cross-country when roads are blocked. (in German)
IDAS (Interactive Defence and Attack System for Submarines) is a short-range missile currently developed for the new Type 212 submarine of the German Navy.
Idas is a high-performance duplicate file detector. Idas plugs into your favorite Unix filter and can tell you exactly which files have been seen before, regardless of whether or not it appears with the same filename.
Integrated Dispatch Administrations