Definitions for "ICT"
Internet and Communications Technologies.
Technologies that are increasingly integrated across information systems, audio and video, and telecommunications, particularly for Internet and multimedia applications.
Information & Communications Technologies
nformation and ommunications echnology
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In circuit test of electronic assemblies for general verification of operation at the component level.
In-Circuit Test. A computer-based test system that checks for open/short circuits, wrong and/or defective components.
An electrical test of a PCB assembly in which each component is tested individually, even though many components are soldered to the PCB.
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Image constraint token (ICT) is a software-based flag within Advanced Access Copy System (AACS) copy protection that would automatically reduce the quality of the image produced by a high-definition video disc player to 540 lines of vertical resolution, when the player is connected to an analog display.
Immediately chargeable transfer. There is an immediate claim for inheritance tax on gifts into discretionary trusts or to companies. Additional tax may be payable if the donor dies within seven years of the gift.
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