Definitions for "ICon"
ICon is a Java-based system for managing input devices and building advanced interaction techniques using a dataflow model. It contains a runtime engine, a rich library of input devices, several processing modules and a visual editor.
Icon is an Object Oriented VHLL with support for graphics and POSIX system calls. It runs on just about every platform, but the graphics and POSIX are only available under Unix/Linux and Windows.
An image or representation; a portrait or pretended portrait.
Miniature portrait of a holy personage.
a confession of faith, both in the reality of the incarnation -- that God has indeed become man -- and also that man has remained man in this union with God
a lousy substitute for a miniature of an object you can zoom into
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Icon was an American heavy metal (or glam metal) band formed in 1981 in Phoenix, Arizona, by Dan Wexler, Stephen Clifford and Tracy Wallach. The band only recorded four albums, and disbanded in 1990.
Icon is the fourth studio album recorded by British band Paradise Lost.
Icon is a studio album recorded by Asia band members John Wetton & Geoffrey Downes.
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Icon (also known as Augustus Freeman, Augustus Freeman Jr, Augustus Freeman III, and Augustus Freeman IV) is a Milestone Comics superhero. Created by Dwayne Mc Duffie, he first appeared in Icon #1 (May 1993).
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iconography kithara liturgical (liturgy)
Innovative Coastal-Ocean Observing Network (UCSC) ("developing a capability to monitor and model coastal ocean conditions to improve both real-time and climatological predictions")
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Intelligence Community Collaborative Operations Network; an Intelligence Community automation initiative.
A moving yoke type automated fixture distributed by Lighting and Sound Design (LSD). See Also: Moving Yoke Automated Fixture
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A dream featuring an icon is telling you to accept changes with a smile. Most changes are for the better when foretold by a dream of an icon.
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a denial of that truth, a re-humiliation of Christ
a sign fit to be used as such because it possesses the quality signified
a sign that directly signifies the signified, for example, a picture, photograph, or map
a relationship where a sign gets it's meaning through resemblance to what it references
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ICON_LIB ICON_NAME Manage the Amiga Icon Library. See :Library
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A yin-yang-like circle worn by all. Contains personal information. RB: 1
A dedicated broadband fibre link between the Table Office and the provider of its microfilming and digitising services.
Icon International Holdings Inc. via its subsidiary Icon International Airlines intends to engage in the business of providing all business class seats primarily on point-to-point routes. At a price structure reduced to 50% of that of the commercial airlines with Premium, or Signature Service, we will focus on serving markets that have a high number of business and first class travelers and treating each of those travelers like Icons.
a form of painting that bears witness to divine and religious truth
a painting, but it is very different from other types of paintings
Intra-government Communications Network
a roughly contoured lump of clay that people shape according to their needs
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a leader in the industry
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a great diagnostic tool
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a means of knowledge and teaching
a warning that this path is valid only for some products, or only under certain conditions
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a material presence," he said
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a debt repayment instrument whose
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a statue made to look like someone or something
a meaning which is based upon similarity or appearance (for example, similarity in shape)