Definitions for "Iatrogenic"
a response by a patient to one or more of the following causes: (1) medical treatment, (2) surgical treatment, (3) a procedure to help diagnose something, (4) a doctor, (5) a surgeon, and (6) exposure to the environment of a health care facility. The response is usually a bad one and the cause is usually accidental.
Induced in a patient by a physician's words or actions. Literally, physician-generated. (From the Greek: iatros=physician + genic=generation.) Detailed definition is provided due to a word-related learning-disability common to most MHPs-- few seem capable of grasping the meaning of "iatrogenic," particularly when a situation necessitates appending to it the word "damage," "trauma," "destruction," or "death." This occurs all too often.
a term used to describe a disease, disorder, or medical condition that is a direct result of medical treatment
Occurring without known cause. Self–originated.
caused by, or originating with, the doctor; e.g., the cause of an "iatrogenic cesarean" can be traced to the actions or inactions of the doctor, rather than natural circumstances.
Arising from or associated with health care rather than an underlying disease or injury. Consequences of omission (failing to do the right thing) as well as commission (doing the wrong thing) are included.
In the context of youth violence, interventions that are harmful or actually increase involvement in violence.
A clinical problem or disorder that results from factors found within the health care environment. An example is the development of an infectious disease contracted during hospitalization.