Definitions for "Ian Wallace"
Ian Wallace was the pen name of science-fiction author John Wallace Pritchard (1912-1998).
Canadian author and illustrator Ian Wallace was born in Niagara Falls, Ontario, and grew up in a household of readers in which a typical winter's evening was spent listening to "The Wind in the Willows".
Ian Wallace (born 1943) is one of the pioneering forces behind Vancouver's establishment as an unlikely capital city of the 1970s globalized conceptual art scene. Trained as an art historian and practicing as a contemporary art history and art theory professor for many years in the seventies and eighties, Wallace was instrumental in developing the city's emblematic brand of so-called 'photo-conceptualism' or 'post-conceptual photography', made world-famous by his most celebrated 'student' Jeff Wall. Wallace and Wall also teamed up in Vancouver's short-lived no-wave band UJ3 RK5, which also featured the musical skills of another of the city's many gifted artist-sons, Rodney Graham.