Definitions for "IAD"
ADT that discontinues testosterone lowering therapy with the intent to allow the patient to recover from symptoms of ADS as testosterone levels recover to normal; same as IHT or IAS. See our paper Intermittent Androgen Deprivation
Intermittent Androgen Deprivation. A temporary discontinuation of hormonal therapy that allows for a return to natural testosterone production in order to spare the patient from symptoms associated with androgen deprivation. Also referred to as Intermittent Hormonal Therapy (IHT).
Also known as intermittent androgen deprivation. Irregular hormone therapy as a treatment for prostate cancer.
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See Integrated Access Device.
Integrated Access Device. A customer premise device that processes voice and LAN traffic for a single local connection to the wide area network.
Integrated Access Device Equipment at the customers location that is used to convert digital signals back to voice. Usually used in association with a DSL connection.
Independent ATM Deployer. A non-financial institution independent of a bank or building society that owns and places ATMs (cash machines) in retail premises.
Independent ATM deployer. Any institution, other than a bank or building society, owning and installing ATMs. In some card industry publications and other media these institutions are sometimes referred to as ISOs, an acronym that is derived from both independent service operators and independent sales organisations.
Intraoperative Autologous Donation
Intl Airport Washington DC
Dulles International, Washington DC
Interest Adjustment Date. A date from which interest on the mortgage amount advanced is calculated for your regular payments. This date is usually one month before regular mortgage payments are to begin.
Interest Adjustment Date. The date on which the term of your mortgage starts. It is usually the first date of the month following the possession date.
Interest Adjustment Date. The date on which the mortgage term will begin. This date is usually the first day of the month following the closing. The interest cost for those days from the closing date to the first of the month are usually paid at closing. That is why it is always better to close your deal towards the end of the month.
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The command used to invoke SQL*Forms (Design) in V2.3. In V3.0, the term is obsolete and the module SQL*Forms (Design) is invoked using the command DESIGN.
A residential gateway connecting user's computer, printer, microphone, speaker, phone, TV etc with Internet though broadband connections.
Internet addiction disorder. Users addicted to the Internet. 11.32