Definitions for "I think this"
Keywords:  gadget, geek, iraq, hotel, great
a clever idea
a good hotel if you are looking for a clean room and great view but don't look for much
a great album, different from her earlier stuff yes but I always think her lyrics are quite deep at times
a nice and wonderful way of learning about homeopathy
a nice case i am very happy to have it
a nice, romantic fragrance, but only when used sparingly
Keywords:  tragedy, york, don't, know, american
a real tragedy for the American people and I have family that live in New York and I don't know if they are ok
a tragedy for the developing world
a free readings, sponsored by the Grolier Poetry Bookshop and the university
a must read to make sure you understand what you are really paying for
a possible mess, I did, or anyway, bring him around again for another handoff and, ah, back to you, cause I wasn't sure of the, ah, target and I am sure you had him
a reasonable rebellion against an enduring vestige of colonialism in Africa
a solid made guitar and will withstand anything within reason
Keywords:  excellent, remade, movie, book, product
a excellent book
a excellent product
an excellent movie
Keywords:  sax, democratic, album, arab, good
a good album
a good start on the right direction for the U
a good start towards democratic changes, but to ensure its success there should be complete transparency in elections so that there is a good path for others to follow and an example for other Arab countries to take
Keywords:  superb, initiative
a superb initiative
a cool web site
a really cool toybecause it's really small so you can take it anywhere you want
a really cool website
a very interesting topic and would agree with everything that Eric, Christian and Chad have commented on so far
Keywords:  teens, bible, awesome
an awesome Bible for teens
Keywords:  dismissed, won't, story, easily
a story that won't be dismissed easily
Keywords:  python, mistake, development
a mistake in python development
a very important discussion to have, and the livelihood of our sport in CA is critical to all of us
a very important issue and it is very interesting
a terrible way to get attention,what i think the president should do
Keywords:  beginner, poor, choice, total
a poor choice for the total beginner
Keywords:  bomb, trick, toy, people
a bomb toy because u can trick people
Keywords:  absolutely, correct, ruling
an absolutely correct ruling
Keywords:  concern, real
a real concern
Keywords:  tool, useful
a useful tool
Keywords:  less, case
a case of less is more