Definitions for "HYPOCHONDRIASIS"
ongoing preoccupation about one's health and fear of having a disease, despite medical reassurance that none exists.
a somatoform disorder in which the person interprets the slightest physical changes as evidence of a serious illness. (490)
A somatoform disorder in which the person, misinterpreting rather ordinary physical sensations, is preoccupied with fears of having a serious disease and is not dissuaded by medical opinion. Difficult to distinguish from somatization disorder.
A mental disorder in which melancholy and gloomy views torment the affected person, particularly concerning his own health; a morbid and deluded belief that one is afflicted with disease.
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Depression of one's own spirits. Some heaps of trash upon a vacant lot Where long the village rubbish had been shot Displayed a sign among the stuff and stumps -- "Hypochondriasis." It meant The Dumps. Bogul S. Purvy