Definitions for "hypertonic"
Having a higher osmotic pressure than a comparison solution; -- of an aqueous solution. Increasing the concentration of dissolved solids increases the osmotic pressure, and thus the tonicity of a solution. Opposite of hypotonic and contrasting with isotonic.
Having an osmotic pressure greater than that of blood plasma, which is approximately that of a 0.2 normal solution of sodium chloride. Cells taken from a medium of normal physiological osmolality and placed in a hypertonic medium will shrink.
refers to the solution in a concentration gradient having the greater concentration ( of solute ). [ A hypertonic solution would have a lesser concentration of solvent but a greater concentration of solute than a hypotonic one.
in a state of abnormally high tension; -- of muscle.
(of living tissue) in a state of abnormally high tension; "hypertonic muscle tissue"
Extreme muscular tension or tightness.
Keywords:  stiff, palsy, tone, celebral, passive
Increased muscle tone beyond the normal
High muscles tone, stiff, celebral palsy like; false sense of strength.
Stiff, increased tone, resistance to passive movement.
Similar to hyperreflexic. A bladder with unusually high pressure or one that contracts too soon.
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