Definitions for "Hyperbola"
A curve formed by a section of a cone, when the cutting plane makes a greater angle with the base than the side of the cone makes. It is a plane curve such that the difference of the distances from any point of it to two fixed points, called foci, is equal to a given distance. See Focus. If the cutting plane be produced so as to cut the opposite cone, another curve will be formed, which is also an hyperbola. Both curves are regarded as branches of the same hyperbola. See Illust. of Conic section, and Focus.
(n) A single-curved surface primitive, created when a plane intersects a right circular cone at an angle with the axis that is smaller than that made by the elements.
A curved line where the difference of the distances from imaginary points (foci) to each point on the curve is constant.
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an ellipse as described by Howard Cosell
center:(0, 0) transverse (real) axis: conjugate axis: equation: vertices: ( (- asymptotes