Definitions for "Hydroponic"
Growing plants without soil by providing nutrients in a solution instead.
The growing of plants in nutrient solutions with or without an inert medium to provide mechanical support Monocotyledon a subclass of angiosperm plants based on anatomical characteristics: narrow leaves, one cotyledon, parallel veins in the leaves, flower parts are usually in multiples of threes, scattered arrangement of primary vascular bundles in the stem and fibrous root system rthologs Proteins with the same or similar functions but different amino acid sequences, evolutionarily derived from a common ancestral gene
Technique often used to grow Marijuana indoors in a soilless medium. Marijuana grown using the Hydroponic technique
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Hydroponic is an album by 311, released in 1992. It was their last independent release before they were signed to Capricorn Records for their first studio album Music. This album was a six track demo that contained four songs that would appear on their debut album Music.
of or relating to aquiculture; "aquacultural methods"; "hydroponic lettuce"