Definitions for "Hydrophone"
An electrical instrument for detecting or monitoring sound underwater.
a device which will listen to, or pick up, the acoustic energy underwater
a piezoelectric material that deforms when subjected to an electrical current
a device for the measurement of dynamic pressure in a fluid, whilst a geophone is a device for the measurement of vibration (in practice, this can either be an accelerometer or a displacement sensor)
a submersible pressure gradient sensor that converts pressure waves into electrical or optical signals that are typically recorded for signal processing, and evaluated to estimate characteristics of the subsurface of the earth
A device designed for use in detecting seismic energy in the form of pressure changes under water during marine seismic acquisition. Hydrophones are combined to form streamers that are towed by seismic vessels or deployed in a borehole. Geophones (see), unlike hydrophones, detect motion rather than pressure.
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