Definitions for "Hydrofoil"
Keywords:  hull, foil, watercraft, wing, skims
Ski like protrusion that holds the front of a vesel out of the water when at speed. Aids economy, reduces drag. Search for Hydrofoil books on
A wing-like structure that raises part or all of a powerboat's hull out of the water.
A surface immersed in water underneath the planing bottom of a hull or float to assist take-off with its hydrodynamic lift.
in languages other than English: aliscafo, or "Battello ad ali portanti" (Italian) BÄRPLANSBÅT (Barplansbat) (Swedish) drsina hidroala, aerodeslizador (Spanish) hidrofólio (Portuguese) hidrokrilni hydroptère (French) snapirit (Hebrew) szárnyashajó Tragflügelboot, Tragflächenboot (German) Vleugelboot, Draagvleugelboot (Dutch) wodolot Y'pepó (Guarani and Tupi)(Chinese) (Japanese) Click Here to suggest additions to this list