Definitions for "Hydration"
A process by which water molecules become associated (or react) with other substances without destruction of the water molecule. (1) Water molecules (dipoles) become adsorbed on ions or on solid surfaces exhibiting electrostatic charge. (2) Water molecules become imbibed as a result of conditions which tend to cause osmotic absorption of water into the space between the crystal surfaces (as in montmorillonite clays). (3) Water molecules become bound chemically at fixed points as part of the crystal lattice of hydrated substances. The water becomes water of crystallization and loses the properties of the original water.
The addition of water into a minerals' chemical structure.
the absorption of or combination with water.
Administration of fluids, by mouth or intravenously, to help stop preterm labor.
refers to the amount of fluid in your body. It is important to replace any fluid your body loses during physical activity. Click here for more information.
Provision of fluids by any means to prevent dehydration.
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To add moisture to the skin.
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The act of becoming, or state of being, a hydrate.