Definitions for "Huxley"
Huxley is a tiny lunar impact crater located in eastern inlet of Mare Imbrium, just to the north of the Montes Apenninus. To the southeast in this range is the Mons Ampère mountain. This crater was previously identified as 'Wallace B' before being renamed by the IAU.
English physiologist who, with Alan Hodgkin, discovered the role of potassium and sodium ions in the transmission of the nerve impulse (born in 1917)
English writer; grandson of Thomas Huxley who is remembered mainly for his depiction of a scientifically controlled utopia (1894-1963)
English biologist and a leading exponent of Darwin's theory of evolution (1825-1895)
Huxley (Korean:헉슬리) is a massively multiplayer first-person shooter computer game published by Webzen Games Inc. to be released in 2007 (although an exact date is unknown, the game should be released Q2 or Q3 2007). It is being developed for both the PC and Xbox 360 with special content being made for each platform. Special content includes a campaign mode for the Xbox 360 only.