Definitions for "HURL "
To send whirling or whizzing through the air; to throw with violence; to drive with great force; as, to hurl a stone or lance.
To emit or utter with vehemence or impetuosity; as, to hurl charges or invective.
To perform the act of hurling something; to throw something (at another).
Keywords:  burly, tumult, riot
Tumult; riot; hurly-burly.
Keywords:  scagliare, lanciare, verb
verb, "scagliare, lanciare"
HURL Updates RedHat Linux. It attempts to download appropriate system updates from a specified FTP server. It features dependency checking, package exclusion with regular expressions, email notification when updates are ready to install, and Powertools updates. It has been tested on RedHat
A table on which fiber is stirred and mixed by beating with a bowspring.
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What a QB does to the football. What I'll do if I hear the term "West Coast Offense" one more time this year.
Acronym for Hawaii Underwater Research Laboratory.
Keywords:  thrusting, forward, movement
make a thrusting forward movement
Keywords:  twist, turn
To twist or turn.
Keywords:  self, one
To hurl one's self; to go quickly.
Keywords:  game, play, see
To play the game of hurling. See Hurling.