Definitions for "Hunting"
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The pursuit of game or of wild animals.
pursuing, capturing, catching, killing, gigging, trapping, shooting or attempting to pursue, capture, catch, kill, gig, trap or shoot, or in any manner take any bird or mammal into personal possession.
The pursuit and killing of a selected wild bird or animal for food, sport or management
The oscillation of the system response about a theoretical steady-state value.
A condition where a regulator's outlet pressure fluctuates on either side of a set point, not as fast as when it is oscillating, but faster than drifting (See Figure 5).
An undesirable oscillation which continues for some time after an external stimulus has disappeared.
Erratic movement of the EDM quill during a cut that can be caused by poor flushing conditions in the gap, servo response set for too much sensitivity, and build-up of carbon deposits on the bottom of the cavity being EDM'd. [ Words starting with I
A condition where a regulator's outlet pressure slowly fluctuates on either side of a setpoint.
(1) The fluctuation observed in a control instrument when it is attempting to establish a stable operating condition.(2) Uneven or cycling operation of an internal combustion engine due to bad timing or erratic fuel injection.
Digital Video: A problem which occurs in an autofocus system, where it has trouble finding the focus in an image so that the system moves in and out of focus continuously, "hunting" for the correct focus point.
An autofocus system that has trouble finding the focus in a low contrast image or in poor light 'hunts'; this is where the lens moves continuously from close-up to infinity looking for the correct point of focus .
the activity of looking thoroughly in order to find something or someone
Calls to a particular number may be arranged so that when a line is busy, the call will search a group of lines in a specified sequence until an available line is found.
Refers to the progress of a call reaching a group of lines. The call will try the first line of the group. If that line is busy, it will try the second line, and so on.
In telephony, pertaining to the operation of a selector or other similar device to find and establish a connection with an idle circuit of a chosen group. Pertaining to the failure of a device to achieve a state of equilibrium, usually by alternately overshooting and undershooting the point of equilibrium.
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Hunting is an episode from That 70s Show.
Hunting is the seventh episode of the second season of House and the twenty-ninth episode overall.
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Rhode Island's 46,000 acres of public lands are available for fishing within the Providence, Warwick and Cranston area.
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a sound method of harvesting or reducing the herd size,A said Marc Miller, operations manager for the Scott County Conservation Board
Sock designed specifically for hunting. Designed to provide both warmth to the foot during the cold weather, and wicking action to carry perspiration or water away from the foot. Generally heavier weight and longer length to wear with boots.
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a popular pastime
The tendency of a blade, due to coriolis effect, to seek a position ahead of or behind that would be determined by centrifugal force alone.
An industry term used to describe a auto-iris lenses inability to stabilize under certain light conditions.
Rural properties that support a population or have habitat to support a population of game species for the purpose of hunting.
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a challenge to both skill and equipment
Periodical variations in the actual value of the controlled variable at a fixed reference value.