Definitions for "HUMAN BEING"
Humanity as a species constitutes its own reality. Human being is derivative being, made up of the stuff of both the physical and the spiritual universes, and integrating them in a psychological way through the unit of the personality. Humanness therefore is both our own individual experience but always known within the context of the collective experience of humanity. For in some final way, "human being" refers organically to the whole reality.
a biologically whole individual of the species
a combination of the biological makeup of the individual and the state of being
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a body AND a soul AND a spirit
a complex creation of body, heart, mind and soul
a composite of body, mind and Aathma
a communicative expression of aspects and qualities of the Universal Life Phenomenon (ULP)
a creative being who strives to shape his existence,to be able to control his/her conditions for life and understand how he/she is part of the whole
a microcosm of nature, and the most obvious and conspicuous form of nature is the cycle
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a creation of God in His image and likeness, with the ability to think and make decisions with a free will
a living organism for it's entire life cycle form creation to death
an amazing creation
a mammal (a type of primate)
a mammal with single and internal ovulation that new biotechnologies are transforming into a mammal with external polyovulation
a primate and a mammal and a vertebrate and a chordate and so on
a collection of emotions and feelings and desires and instincts and drives you have to address
a composite of the physical and the spiritual
a composition of five different personalities - Spiritual, Emotional, Intellectual, Mental and Physical
a complete organism and nothing can be added to make it more human or more whole so marketing activities need to shift towards engagement informed by that awareness
a complex physical organism, nothing more
a complex system of interrelated, yet independent, particles
a born alive human entity" is an analytic proposition there is no "proof" of an alternate definition
a composite of a material body, its Genetic-Entity, and a theta-being trapped and degraded into association with them
a holistic entity
Human Being is the third album by Seal. It was released in 1998 as a tribute to the murdered rappers Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls.
The first single ever released under the name Clare Bowditch and the Feeding Set was Autumn Bone, a three track sampler distributed in a hand-made case.
a beautiful thing and I shouldn't have to hide my humanity
a living thing
a reed, a bit of straw, the feeblest thing in nature
a collection of trillions of cells organized in a way that makes a tiny part of nature conscious and purposive
a natural person under the law
an individual substance of a rational nature
any living or extinct member of the family Hominidae
a form of this Living Substance, and has within him a Principle of Health
a living member of the species Homosapiens
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a biorobot with a biocomputer in it, the brain
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a great mystery -- don't pretend to solve his problems
a memory of his country
a person the instant his life begins, be it in a petri dish or safely within his mother
a finite throughput device
a synthesis of the infinite and the finite, of the temporal and the eternal, of freedom and necessity, in short, a synthesis
a beautifully graceful animal when the total muscle system is functioning in a guiltlessly relaxed, free-flowing state
an animal who is congenitally indisposed to accept reality as it is
an animal who shops
an open, unfinished being who begins its existence at syngamy -- the ontogenetic zero point of development -- and who becomes what it is by developing its potentialities
a being, therefore either a being through its substance or through something added to its substance
a combination of various substances, drawn together by the power of suction, then squeezed apart again by the power of pressure
a consciousness (self) linked with an organism
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a bundle of useless passions
Keywords:  chaotic, meaningful, process
a meaningful chaotic process
Keywords:  mish, mash, hopes, complicated, dynamic
an extremely complicated and dynamic mish-mash of proteins, DNA, chemical reactions, mechanical and electrical engineering, blood, skin, and bones, memories, desires, and hopes
Keywords:  analogos, function, system
a function of Analogos
a system of functions
Keywords:  dynamo, energy, generating
a dynamo, generating energy
an ingenious assembly of portable plumbing
a scientific instrument - we make observations, we make calculations, we even do statisical analyses
Keywords:  still, vast, webpage, youth, editor
an infant at one time, a child at another, an adolescent at still another, and finally a youth and an adult
a vast network of cells, and we still know very little about that network
a webpage builder as well and while just writing the HTML code down with a text editor, they still upload their code using FTP or Remote Drive
a multidimensional unity, and any attribute can therefore potentially manifest throughout the entire organism
an organism too
Keywords:  crevice, emptiness, field
a crevice in the field of emptiness"
Keywords:  fathomless, pearls, ocean, know, little
a fathomless ocean, and you have to know how to search for the little pearls that it holds
a strategy for selfish genes to replicate themselves
an individual person
a sovereign individual from the moment it becomes free of the mothers body
Keywords:  evolved, pretty
a pretty evolved
Keywords:  tablet, melts, dropped, glass, water
a tablet/Dropped in a glass of water/The tablet melts
a collection of ideas, and these ideas take moral precedence over a society
Keywords:  factory, kind
a kind of factory
a man, the male position is believed to be gender neutral
an independent oscillating energy field
Keywords:  deciding
a deciding being
Keywords:  robot, way, another, making
a robot's way of making another robot
Keywords:  citizen, worlds, two
a citizen of two worlds
Keywords:  concrete, object
a concrete object
Keywords:  resemblance
a resemblance
Keywords:  slow, device
a very slow I/O device
Keywords:  never, unique, exists, personality
a unique personality that has never been before and will never again exists
Keywords:  social
a social being
Keywords:  aggregate, lose, remain, skin, cells
an aggregate, but if I lose one of my skin cells I remain the same aggregate
Keywords:  learning, environment, number
a number in this learning environment
Keywords:  center, relationships
a center of relationships
an integrated system maintained by an energy flow
Keywords:  becoming
a human becoming
Keywords:  agent, active
an active agent
Keywords:  single
a single being
Keywords:  object
a WHO, an object is a THAT (or which)
Keywords:  open, system
an open system
Keywords:  generalisation
a generalisation