Definitions for "HTTP Server"
This HTTP Server is designed to run under 2000/XP, you can host a folder with it and specify the hosting port. It has features like Directory Browsing and low memory usage during file transfers. HTTP Server is designed to handle multiple connections.
An application program that accepts connections in order to service HTTP requests by sending back HTTP responses. Any given program may be capable of being both an HTTP client and an HTTP server; our use of these terms refers only to the role being performed by the program for a particular connection, rather than to the program's capabilities in general. Likewise, any HTTP server may act as an origin server, HTTP proxy, HTTP gateway, or tunnel, switching behavior based on the nature of each request. This term was developed from the definition of server in Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1.
Synonym for Web server.
a centralized system that uses a stateless protocol
A computer permanently connected to the Internet on which websites are stored and can be accessed at any time.
a computer permanently connected to the Internet on which web sites are stored and accessed