Definitions for "HSV"
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Herpes simplex virus. Types one and two, HSV-I and HSV-II, are among the causes of cold sores and genital ulcers.
Herpes simplex virus. A virus that can cause blisters on the skin or mucous membranes (mouth or lips) above the waist and in the other by such blisters on the genitals.
Herpes Syncitial Virus
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This colour model is user-oriented, being based on the intuitive appeal of the artist's tint, shade and tone. The coordinate system is cylindrical and the HSV model is defined as a cone within this cylinder. Hue (H) is measured by the angle around the vertical axis, with red at 0 degree, green at 120 degree and so on. The height of the cone represents value (V) in a range from 0 (black) at the apex to 1.0 (white) at the base of the cone. Saturation (S) is a ratio ranging from 0 on the center line (V axis) to 1 on the triangular sides of the cone.
an abbreviation for hue, saturation and value - A colour model used in some graphics programs. HSV must be translated to another model for colour printing or for forming screen colours.
A color model that describes color in terms of Hue, Saturation, and Value.
hypersensitivity vasculitis
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